Sunday, 9 October 2011

Opening Scene Analysis - Spiderman - Action

This opening scene of the hit film Spiderman is an action packed, scene setting gripper that tells the audience a lot of what the film's going to be about and the features of it. The budget for Spiderman wasn's small, and this is justified by the well edited opening with great computer effects. The institutions present in the film are Coulmbia and Marvel, Marvel is a company that runs a lot of comics and owns a lot of characfters, Spiderman is one of these characters.After the sponsors and institutions of the film pass, the opening proceeds with the credits, showing who possess' the main roles in the film. It begins with a panning shot of some never ending mist, the shot then escalates into a crane shot revealing the title "Spiderman". After this sequence of events each important cast member's name is flung onto a spiders web, signifying the action packed nature this film inherits. The soundtrack throughout all this is a sequence of short notes of a symphony, making the action taking place seem very fast and exciting. 

The mise en scene in this opening sequence consists of a spider web, to which the names of the cast are involved, the letters of each persons name are spread unevenly across the web, like how a flies would be caught in a web. The background is dark and daunting, connoting danger and risk, as the camera dives deeper into the illusive dark background the webs become more entangled, showing how the roles of each crew member becomes more complex as it continues. As the webs continue, some buildings begin to emerge, this is the first time the audience see Spiderman, hanging from a building. This is the first taste the audience get of the protagonist in the film. The audience s likely to be a male based audience, judging from the opening as the colours show a male orientated scheme, blacks and dark blues.

Whoever the audience is, they'll be glued to it from the start given this action packed, fast opening sequence giving hints as to what to expect in the film.

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