Sunday, 9 October 2011

Opening Scene Analysis - The Italian Job - Action


The setting of the Alps has always been known as a driving hotspot for enthusiasts, the wealthy looking man in the elegant Ferrari are testimony to the roads surrounding the area and set the scene well. The man is dressed in a smart suit signifying his social class, also connoting his social class is the Ferrari he is happily driving along the rural roads of Italy, the car also adds to the man's power.

As he continues to drive, non diegetic music begins to come into play, this music is a slow Italian opera piece suitable to show the relaxed manner this man possess whilst driving his expensive car, he is completely at ease with the world. The singing begins in the music when the production teams names are revealed...

The names of the institutions involved with the film etc. are shown at first from a shot showing the inside of the car looking through the front windscreen. The main actor's names are shown from this camera angle possibly illustrating their on screen jobs, being in an "inside" corporation. The rest of the names continue to be shown from this camera angle in an orange, fairly classic looking font. The high budget this film has allows the pyrotechnics to take place in the tunnel and many other action packed scenes to happen throughout the film. 

The next part of the opening is the crash of the car. He enters the tunnel, with the awaiting Mafia on the other side, there is a huge explosion and the car emerges on the other side in tatters and the man dead. The supposed leader of this corporation is emphasised when he walks out of the mist, taking this it in his stride and tells the digger driver to destroy the car. Juxtaposing this cruel even the Mafia then lay down a reef of respect, acknowledging the person's life and almost feeling sorry for him.

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