Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Audience Research

The opening to a film is important to how the audience will interpret the rest of the film. Producers and directors of the film need to know what the target market want and what will grip them to a film, it is important they are interested in the film right from the start. Character's are established in the opening scene along with the tone and main theme of the film.

The above diagram shows the demand for different genres of film, based on a poll taken by 1,978 people. Adventure, the genre of the film opening for my group is the second most popular demand, making our target market greater and room for creativity larger. Adventure has always been a prominent figure of the film industry, I do not know a single day where there hasn't been an adventure/action film out at the cinema. 

Adventure's popularity is justified here, being the second most popular genre. Men over 35 most enjoy this out of any other gender. The action packed nature of this genre could be to blaim for this result.

This is the top ten UK box office results from the current week. The action packed films appear to have the highest gross profit because of its popularity, people like to watch them because of the tension created in them and the creative story lines.

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