Sunday, 9 October 2011

Opening Scene Analysis - Casino Royale - Action

The usual shot staring at someone through the barrel of a gun was predictable of this James Bond film, as it has been tradition that each film begins with each one. This black and white clip then transforms into an array of pungent colours, signifying the difference of this James Bond film to any other. The patterns that appear are those that correspond to the patterns on a pack of cards (Spades, diamonds, hearts and clubs). The anchorage effect the colour red has on the audience is one of love.

The names of the production team appear in the middle of the spiral that these patterns are forming, showing the production team as the centre of the film, and without them, it wouldn't be possible. The budget of $150 dollars means the production team were able to perfect this film to whatever standards they wish.

Throughout the opening fights often occur between two men, one in black, one in red, connoting the future events of the film; there will be gambling, and violence. Although violence, the friendly colours and the way it flows from shot to shot makes it looks like a piece of art. The violent acts are filmed from a panning shot, showing the background changing and fight dynamics evolving.

The lighting however, is dark, illustrating a darker, more sinister side to the beautiful foreground colours, showing the juxtaposing events going on in the film. The colour red can have the anchorage effect of love or lust on the audience.

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