Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Sound in Star Wars

The slow, sad music this extract begins with is representative of the boy, Luke's emotions. As he leaves his desert house, he walks over to see the sunset, an often quite tranquil image as the quietly droning fanfare continues at a slow pace, connoting the emotions of Luke, who seems to be in deep thought and of some confusion. It could be signifying the climax to an event, or contrastingly the beginning of a new one. 

The fanfare then changes from a quiet sound, into a louder one illustrating a new found hope he has, even in the actor's eyes you see a new sense of optimism and a lifeline. He seems to of had some kind of epiphany or moment of realisation. However, the notes are still the same length, therefore signifying the problem still at hand and although one problem may be resolved there are many still to conquer and the battle is far from over.

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