Monday, 21 November 2011

Past Film Opening from Cherwell School

This is an example of a film opening from our school. The use of rewind is effectively used here to create tension very quickly. The audience begins to feel absorbed by the film, wanting to see what happens. The typography and titles are also used well here, the font is a classic, almost posh style and signifies the film will be of a specific genre.

Sunday, 20 November 2011

Arrangements for Filming

The filming for our film opening has been decided. It will take place on Wednesday 23rd November from 12:10.

Jonny Lavy - Escaping Man

Michael Roberson - Chasing

Sam Lockwood - Chasing

No other actors will be required unless we change our minds on the day.

Dirty Trainers
Football Shirt

Port Meadow - Chosen for its production value. Trees/Bridges could be used to film in etc. The Lakes also provide a great potential filming spot.

Thursday, 17 November 2011

Storyboard first draft

This is the first storyboard draft of our film opening, "full time".
In this draft I have chosen a simple sketch format that can be changed easily; it can be seen that in this first sheet I have left some aspects of the edit open to later development.
In this case I have not made any finalisations regarding the opening credits as I am not in charge of title design.

What was drawn up on the storyboard was firstly discussed as a group and was a group decision.

I hope to upload the further two sheets in the new future...
If you have any suggestions or feedback, leave a comment or email me at


Video Diary #1 - Storyboarding

This is a clip from our lesson where we discussed storyboarding, it was frustrating.

Saturday, 12 November 2011

Other film institution logos

These Logo's are giving me inspiration for the type of logo our film instituion 'N.E.R.D.' will possess.

Monday, 7 November 2011

The items required for media construction.

-Holding shot steady (camera)
-framing shot (camera)
-varied shot distances (camera direction)
-appropriate material for task 
-mise en scene (camera direction)
-edit meaning to viewer 
-varied shot transitions (captions)
-use of sound with images
-using titles appropriately (titles or typography)
-contribution (where relevant)

Friday, 4 November 2011

How to.....Film a chase scene

This video helps our group gather information as to how to film a chase scene. As we have very little own knowledge to go with when we decide to film, this is could be very helpful and give us some key advice.

Thursday, 3 November 2011

Film Poster Analysis

Rocky Balboa is of a similar genre to our film opening. This poster shows the protagonist, looking powerful, he is standing over his empire. The blank colours compliment the weather conditions. Being the only character in the shot immediately signify's the protagonist and connotes him as having a connection to the title.

The film institution logo is stated in the bottom corner of the poster, this gives me an idea of where to put our logo and institution name.

Similar film opening to ours.

We see a chase taking place - this is exactly what our film opening is going to be similar to. The range of camera shots and angles is exactly the effect we're looking for, this effect can be personified through the choice of music - in my opinion I believe we have to make sure it is high tempo and gripping for maximum effect. 

The items required for media construction.

-Holding shot steady
-framing shot
-varied shot distances
-appropriate material for task
-mise en scene
-edit meaning to viewer
-varied shot transitions (captions)
-use of sound with images
-using titles appropriately
-contribution (where relevant)

Title Sequence Research - Common Order of Opening Credits

The Most Common Order of Opening Credits:
1. Name of the Studio - Name of the studio that is distributing the film and may or may not have produced it.
2. Name of the Production Company - Name of the production company that actually made the film.
3. Director/Producer Production - Director's first credit.
4. Starring - Big name actors appering in the film.
5. Film Title - The name of the film.
6. Featuring - Featured actors.
7. Casting - Casting director.
8. Music/Original Score - Composer of music.
9. Production Design - Production designer.
10. Editor - Edited by.
11. Producer/Executive Producer - Producers, co-producers, executive producers. Often, though, the name of the producer will be the next-to-last opening credit, just before the director's name is shown.
12. Written by - Screenplay writers.
13. Director - Director. The Directors Guild of America permits a film to list only one director, even when it is known that two or more worked on it.


Different sounds for film intro


Typography - Final Decision

After discussing with my group which font shall be used forThis blatant is the font to be used that shows the peoples names who are involved in the film opening
Unfortunately you cannot use punctuation in this font but i believe it is the one that suits the theme of our film opening

This is the font that shall be used to show the name of the film – full time. We believe this font is the one that appeals most to our target audience and suits The genre of our film opening.

Full Time
Full Time.
full time
full time.