Monday, 27 February 2012

2nd Draft Feedback - Full Time

After showing the second edited version of 'Full Time' we received a lot of informative feedback which we hope will benefit us thoroughly.

"I think the music suited it very well. However I think it should have been synced to the motion a little better."

"Now i don’t mean to brag but... im sorta a guru when it comes to sound, so heed this advice. Ther are some good areas of diagetic and nondiegetic sound witch u shouldn’t drown out with ambient sound. Also ur choice of music, tho i love the song, could suit the central theme of ur film more, and maby get som transitions between songs, could spice it up more!!"

"And then also, you could try downloading Audacity for recording the voices cos it is free and you can change the bass and stuff on it."

"The radio sound effects were pretty cool too."

"I really liked the background music and you used a really wide range of angles that were all really cool."

Camera Shots and Movement
"A couple of things that I noticed though were that there is the cameraman’s shadow in it at one point that you may want to take a look at, you can crop the image on most editing software I think and that might be an option that you can use."

"Also, if you want to make the camera less shaky on the point of view shots you can run with the camera, but hold it as still as you can because it still shakes and looks really good :D i think that point of view worked really well there so i don’t think you should cut it out because it’s a classic shot and it will work really well if you get it right."

"The panning around to Johnny’s face with the people in the background is awesome, but a little bit jerky."

"Nice variety of camera movements in the chase. Liked the close-ups. (Eg. Feet running, gun etc.)
The non-linear thing was also really interesting."

"They were good however some looked too ‘setup’ that’s not necessarily a bad thing however i think you should make it clear that your using it for an effect. E.g the foot shots followed by running past followed by another foot shot."

Typography and titles
"I think the typography was positioned very well however you should consider changing the font."

"In my opinion you should space out the titles throughout the film opening as they appear all within 20 seconds of each other throughout the film."

"The title 'Full Time' will be more effective if you continue the final shot onto the sky and have it appear there."

All feedback received from the class has been extremely beneficial as it allows us to positively progress with the film opening and include aspects that we made have been oblivious to. For example the cameraman's shadow in one shot was an aspect we failed to see.

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