Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Preliminary Task

The preliminary task makes up 10% of your final A Level Media grade.
There are three requirements:

1) Match on action (continuity editing) - This is how you make an action flow smoothly from one shot to another in the same sequence of events. Whilst some action is taking place, if you want more than one shot to show this, you use continuity editing, this is where you pick up the action in a different shot where you left off in the previous shot. For example you see someone going to open a fridge, they open it, then from a different fridge the camera is placed inside (to give a different perspective) but the audience are none the wiser to knowing it came from a different location, and the scene continues.

2) Obey the 180 degree rule - This rule means that only half of the scene can be shot, the camera's must all be positioned behind one imaginary line that divides the camera from the action. If not, apparently this disorientates the audience.

3) Shot/ Reverse shot convention (convention for dialogue) - This is where a shot is shown on one side and repeated on the other, it must be used in the preliminary task. It is usually used as an other the shoulder shot or a P.O.V shot. Commonly, it is used in a conversation to connect the audience with the conversation.

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