Thursday, 15 September 2011

How is ethnicity represented in this scene of Spooks?

The scene begins with a crane shot showing the action happening in the opening sequence, at the moment you are unaware of any of their ethnic backgrounds because of the dark environment and lack of personal camera shots. The crane shot also shows the distance between each person, emphasising the lack of connection between each race. The first person the camera individually focuses on is the orchestrator of the capture, you can tell he's powerful from the camera shot on an axis near the bottom of him tilting upwards. The ethnicity and social class of the people can be seen from the position they're in. Being low down immediately gives the standing man more power, also the same camera shots are used all the time to show either person which gives them the same value and importance. Also whenever the camera is focussed on one of the hostages it is uneasily shaking, signifying their worried emotions and the unease they feel of being in that environment. The Asian man has stereotypically been shown as the person in danger, as the tracking shot follows him wherever he goes you find out that he is the dangerous person.

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