Saturday, 28 January 2012

Feedback from our first draft

After broadcasting our film opening first draft to the class for the first time we received helpful feedback. The constructive criticism will help our group when shooting our clip for the second time (if we feel we need to) as the response from our peers has prompted discussion about whether or not to film again.

- Shot Steady
-- Nice shot into sunshine
-- Excellent movement around Jonny when he stops
-- Pay Attention to keeping the shot steady and reject any wobbly takes.
-- Liked the framing where Jonny was running between wooden panels
--Choose more of these types of shots - they're brilliant.
- Shot Distance
-- Needs attention - you've begun with the right attitude but needs consistency throughout.
- Mise-en-Scene
-- Some excellent choices
-- Make sure you make the most of the mise-en-scene.
- Sound & Images
-- Pendulum track seems appropriate
-- Try and include some sound effects.
- Transitions
-- Pay attention to where you can create a natural transition.
- Titles
-- Font for Full Time becoming excellent
-- Work on an excellent title board.

From this valuable feedback I believe it is necessary for us to shoot parts of our film again. In my opinion the most important aspect to focus on will be the steady shot and making it look as professional as possible.

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