Thursday, 1 December 2011

Draft Logos

The top logo was designed purely because our group has come under a lot of pressure recently with meeting deadlines, it's often felt like the we're going to burst, we've been pushed to the limit but we have met deadlines. This logo is therefore testimony to the pressure we've rose to.

The middle logo simply reflects the groups favourite animal - a sheep. Having something representative of each individual we believe is important to represent the four of us in each production.

The lower middle logo is an old fashioned camera reflecting the attitude we all share that "They don't make films like they used to." We all share this mentality and want to merge old with new through this logo.

The bottom logo is a clapper board. This logo would be used for it's simplicity and relevance to the film industry. After my past research on film institution logos in my opinion this is the one that relates to the most.

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